Monday, July 30, 2012

The research and design of Autodesk Vault. Part 1. Vault Model

Even at school I was interested in creating robots. First of all - it's interesting to create something, and secondly, the robot at a certain effort and imagination can become even companion. And thirdly, perhaps most importantly - the robot helps.
So what am I about? Most of us are working with the programs. So, can you imagine a program as an object of the material world? As for me, it's not easy - the maximum that comes to mind: the code, the graphical interface or command line.
To resolve this situation, I propose to introduce a kind of anthropomorphism - "rompotomorfizm" (Greek ρομπότ robot, μορφή view).
Thus, we can describe Vault as a robot, which is located on the server. Let's call it for a certainty "Vault-E". It coud be controlled using full-featured remote control or by small walkie-talkies through radio channel.

The Robot resides on the server, as you already realized in the form of application. Accessing the system menu takes place via the ADMS Console. The robot has access to the File Cabinet (DataBase), and Document Library (File Storage). File Cabinet contains reference information about files, and other service information.
Vault Explorer can be described as a Control Panel which from you are querying the Robot through the window interface, which can be expanded with the Plug-Ins. Sent requests are processed on the server with Robot. To do this, he turns to the File-Cadinet and, if necessary - to the library.

It sounds, you see, at least, strange. However, it is quite useful for understanding the architecture of Vault, which is useful to us later.

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