Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Autodesk Vault DYK: storing enterprise instructions

Meet the first of the Autodesk Vault "Did You Know?"!

Maybe, you'll find some fresh ideas about implementing and improving of PDM/PLM for your customers (if you're System Integrator) either within your Enterprise (while you're System Administrator). So let's start right now!

AVDYK0001: "You could develope and store enterprise instructions for your stuff in special Vault folder".
Here's example algorythm to do this thing:
  1. Create library folder that could be called like "PDM instructions".
  2. Publish your enterprise standards into folder in common format: Word, Excel, Visio, PDF etc.
  3. Create Category definition "Instruction".
  4. Assign Revision scheme to this Category.
  5. Assign Lifecycle to category.
  6. Mark all instructions with "Instructions" Category.
  7. Assign revision "A" to all instructions files.
  8. Manage security for files or whole folder to protect them from uncoordinated editing.
  9. If it's needed, you could create new revisions of standards and/or develope them jointly.
  10. The instructions could be accessed both from Vault Explorer and from web browser.