Friday, February 21, 2014

Autodesk Vault Programmer's Cookbook. 1.2. PowerShell basics




R U crazy?! Why do we need this PowerShell? We’re beautiful programmers – not bearded IT admins!


  1. Code is extremely short.
  2. Object Pipelines
  3. Cmdlets
If you’re on Windows 7 or higher, PowerShell is already installed, meanwhile I’d recommended update it up to v3.0 here, or here. If you’re on more old Windows, you can install PowerShell 2.0. Shortcuts are located in STARTALL PROGRAMSACCESSORIESWINDOWS POWERSHELLPOWERSHELL (or do STARTRUN→POWERSHELL). You can use PowerShell ISE, but I’d urged you to use PowerGUI – free editor with highlighting, debugging, snippets, etc.
So, just get code form GitHub or article and execute it in PowerGUI or PowerShell command prompt.
P.S. Here’s one cookie of PowerShell: Out-GridView command. It represents objects in auto-designed GUI grid. Perfect! Look more in next articles.