Friday, April 11, 2014

Autodesk Vault Extreme System Administration. Intro

Deploying, management and using of Autodesk Vault are quite stringy, calm, measured and comprehensive processes, extended in time.
In moist cases all roles have clear and straight instructions: users, administrators.
If any non-regular feature or error occurs, then premium support or your system integrator will solve this problem.
But what to do if you have no support , or can't deal with continuous downtime, because this causes large wastage? What if you need fast-deployed, customizable and reliable solutions?

In the articles of this group I suggests you solutions for such irregular cases (full Table of content):
  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Administration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Migrating
  • Back-up
Furthermore you can use this tools if you're:
  • Premium Support Specialist.
  • Having a lot of implementations and would like to do them more fast, quality and optimally.
  • PDM/CAD System Administrator.
  • Very advanced PDM user.
This is not panacea and you can use it only if:
  • Fully understand what every step actually performs.
  • You are understanding risks of harming and loosing data, and taking responsibility for all of them by yourself.
  • You'll check this methods in test-area first, before applying them on working system.
  • Your downtime costs much more than risks of data-harm and data-loss.
  • You have no support agreement, or your support can't give you solution quickly or even at all.
Please keep in your mind:
  • All methods are created for English environment (MS Windows OS, SQL Server, Vault server), unless otherwise noted, and operability for other languages is not guaranteed. Meanwhile I'm trying to create language-independent solutions if possible.
  • All programs are provided with source-code, so you can easy edit it to satisfy you needs. Perform changes carefully and check them in test-area.
  • Some programs are using Autodesk Vault SDK, and some parts of it may be distributes under 'Autodesk SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEEMENT Autodesk® Vault SDK', according to part '1. Usage of software': "[..] You may use the Software, make unlimited copies of the Software, and give copies the Software to other persons or entities so long as (i) all such copies are used to develop applications for Autodesk products based on the Vault® platform and (ii) all such copies contain this Agreement and the same copyright and other proprietary notices that appear on or in the Software". Anytime, refer to full version of SDK's EULA.
  • If you runs into issues, would like to solve any other issue or would like to get any custom solution you can get in touch with me via Contacts.