Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Autodesk Vault Programmer's Cookbook. 4.1. Getting user information

To retreive information about users you have to call Get*User* methods from AdminService:

Object Options Method name
AllUsers GetAllUsers
User ByUserId GetUserByUserId
MemberUsers ByGroupId GetMemberUsersByGroupId
UserInfo ByUserId GetUserInfoByUserId
UserInfos ByUserIds GetUserInfosByUserIds
The simplest is GetAllUsers(), it returns all users with no input.
After calling it you can output all objects, or filter required. PowerShell filtering is available from Where-Object cmdlet:
Since now the Vault2014powerConsole will be used to illustrate code. After login you have
$vltActiveConn object that represents active connection. You can also use $vltAdminSvc to acces AdminService.

Results are represented on video: